Monday, 23 April 2018

Love me or leave me.

Is it the illness that's invisible,
Or is it just me?
‘cause I swear you only see
What you want to see.
Is it the pain that is chronic,
Or simply my existence?
‘cause you act like I'm offensive
With my chronic persistence.
Is it the rebellious cells
That cause you such grief?
Or my wounded eyes
At your lack of belief?
Perhaps it's the pills,
The aids or the prayers?
That draw your conclusions,
your whispers and stares.
Or maybe my appearance,
so rare and strained?
That causes your gossip,
Malicious, unrestrained.
Could it really be
My unwashed hair,
That permits you to judge me
Without a care?
My many appointments,
Therapy and treatment,
Wasting the country's resources
That you see as bereavement.
Or perhaps it's just me,
Simple and plain.
‘cause I'm sure you wouldn't judge me,
Without knowing my pain.
I'm sure you wouldn't be,
So mindlessly mean,
To judge me alone,
On what can be seen.
Without any thought,
Research or knowledge,
Just snippets of memories,
From biology in college.
So let's get this straight,
I don't need your acceptance,
Your belief or support,
Your unwelcome repentance.
Neither do I need,
Your grapevine solutions,
Third-hand anecdotes         
Ignorant contributions.
What I need is to be,
What I need to be.
‘cause for you,
I have no energy.


  1. Great poem, states your case very clearly and it's easy to read and get the message.

    1. Thankyou, I appreciate that though I'm starting to feel that it's a little harsh