Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Make Or Break.

Inspiration is everywhere.   In every breath - from the wonders of the intricacies of the human body at work - to the unexplainable workings of the little known universe.   As humans, we stand on a spinning rock, in the midst of mostly undiscovered nothingness, creating life from the most microscopic of cells, while searching for more than the invisible gas that sustains our very existence.

We time ourselves by a burning ball of gas that we magically orbit while relying on a distant rock that magically orbits us.  Do we need more inspiration than that?  Than our very own existence and life?  It appears so, because for all the wondrous, unexplainable occurrences that give and sustain our lives, we always want more.

For me personally, inspiration comes in the form of successes and failures.   Personal successes show me that I can achieve things given the right set of circumstances.  They inspire me to create those circumstances in order to achieve greater things more often.

The success of others shows me that there are no obstacles too big, no worthy excuses, there are no limits except the limits that I set for myself! They inspire me to think bigger, try harder, go further and never be afraid to veer off a used path or think differently.

Success, to me, inspires me to gain perspective, believe in myself and my capabilities and to celebrate achievement no matter how small!

Failure! Eugh, how I hate that word and it's very existence! But unfortunately, failure is part of life and you can either let it defeat and define you or, you can let it build and strengthen you!

Failure is my greatest inspiration because it teaches me that I can't quit. That giving up isn't an option because my failure has already lead me closer to my success.  That the journey to achievement is equally as important as the achievement itself.  I learn so much about myself from my failures that I know I couldn't ever have succeeded without those lessons first.

Failures remind me that I'm human and that anything worth having is worth striving and fighting for but more importantly, they remind me that I'm already more successful than those that never even tried!

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